LG or Sony... Theatre Room TV

One of the things that really frustrates me about buying electronic equipment is that its a huge job to job to compare all of the tech specs on them and to get a reliable sense of opinion on which is the better gadget. I have narrowed down our choice of Theater TV to the 79-inch models from LG and Sony. From the limited research that I've done the LG TV has better energy efficiency (5 star compared to 4 star) and the LG TV has a high refresh rate (200Hz compared to 100Hz). Have your say by leaving a comment or by using the Contact widget on the right hand side of the page.


  1. We will be getting the LG 79ub980t. We really didn't like the speakers on the Sony. At least the LG has them more hidden.

    Either way both beautiful TVs!

    1. What didn't you like about the speakers? The look, the sound, something else...