Congratulations to "A New House"

Congratulations to Brian Ashworth, the author of the website, on reaching two significant milestones. The first , 600 blog posts, is a massive achievement because of the significant time and effort taken to produce the top quality posts and source the funny/disturbing photos of weird and wonderful houses (such as the house that looked like a penis from an aerial view). The second milestone, selling 2000 of his guides, is a testament to their  quality and effort that has gone into creating them.

Just in case you are wondering, this post is NOT a promotional post! It is purely praise and recognition for someone that has dedicated a huge amount of his time, effort and knowledge to making a wonderful collection of resources available to the general public. If you are building (or thinking of building) a house and haven't visited his site... make it a high priority to do so, and immediately after that head straight over to the HomeOne Forum.


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