Machine Learning... Guess My Emotion

Ages ago I posted about a website that Microsoft created that uses 'machine learning' to guess your age from an uploaded photo. Microsoft has just released another website based upon machine learning, this time trying to guess your emotion based upon an uploaded photo.

Small Network Builder... Highly Recommended

The other day I got talking to one of the IT technicians at work about his thoughts about the type of network set up that people should consider having installed in their house. To summarise his advice... get a wired network for running HD or 4K movies and other large files and stick to WIFI for anything less intensive than that. When I asked about what he would suggest for our needs he said that I should check out the website called Small Network Builder because it has all of the info, review and comparisons that I could ever need. I've only visited the site a few times but I can already tell that it is going to be invaluable when it comes time to choose our switch, NAS and other network gear. Thanks Nick!

Table for Theatre... Check!

On Saturday my darling wife informed me that she had found the "perfect" drinks table for our Theatre. Being 200km away did not really help... so she sent me the following image and a video (still being uploaded) of the supposed "wow factor" feature... the swivel... in which the top glass panel turns to reveal the amazing hidden bottom glass panel; NOTE THE SARCASM!

Photo of the Pantry Dwarf Door... Thanks Troy!

The Gisborne Willows blog is a blog that documents that story of fellow Waldorfian Troy Popovic's build journey. Recently on his blog Troy shared an image of the dwarf door that allows for access to the space underneath the staircase. We are also getting this feature but had never seen it in real life until now. Thanks Troy for sharing the images! Check out his blog at...

ABCB Advisory - Corrections to NCC 2015 Volume 1

The Australian Building Codes Board NCC 2015 has announced that they have released an advisory document to rectify errors in Volume 1 of the NCC. These errors have now been corrected on all of the ABCB’s digital NCC platforms and it is recommended that you download a new digital copy of Volume One or the full NCC series.  The Advisory Note illustrating the corrections has been developed, and can be downloaded from...

ABCB Advisory - Weatherproofing Verification Method (2015)

Today the Australian Building Codes Board released a number of document to provide clarification around some of the requirements of the National Construction Code and documents referenced within the NCC. One of the documents released is an advisory document for the verification of weatherproofing. It can be downloaded at...

External Feature Lights Collected

A while ago I ordered the feature lights for our terrace and the walkway along the eastern side of our house. Our local Beacon Lighting have been very understanding with storing of our larger items, but have asked that we store whatever we can. Therefore, on the weekend we made space to store the 6 Alcazar wall lights the we ordered a long while ago. Thanks to Mel and her team at Beacon Lighting Bendigo!

New Phone on the Way... Samsung Galaxy S6

Last weekend I realised that my phone contract would be up at the end of the current billing cycle. I have had an awesome experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and decided that I would stick with the Galaxy range and upgrade to either the S5 or the S6 (depending on cost). Despite the S6 being considerably more expensive per month than the S5, reading  the reviews of the S5 very quickly turned me off getting that model, especially with concerns around the build quality. It would be more cost effective for me to get a higher quality phone, the S6, rather than to risk having to replace the lower quality phone, the S5. As a teacher you can never be to sure when you might have a student-induced accident. I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail during the week.

Houzz Article - A Buyer's Guide to 'The Sofa'

There's nothing better than to curl up and relax in a cosy sofa. But buying one that will stand the test of time requires some careful consideration. The important thing is not to rush into an impulsive purchase as your sofa will be one of the most-used pieces of furniture in your home.

To read the rest of the article, visit:

Building and Plumbing 101

Over on the HomeOne forum I stumbled across a thread which revealed the existence of a two websites, hosted by RMIT University in Melbourne, called BuildRight and "Licensed to Plumb".

The first site, BuildRight, is designed as an introductory guide to the scheduling, planning and structural principals of building a house (aka: Building 101).

The second site, Licensed to Plumb, is designed as an introductory guide to the plumbing of gas, drainage and water around a house (aka: Plumbing 101).