NBN... why don't you want me!?

Today I got talking to someone at work about the rollout of the NBN in our area. They live a few kilometres away and were bragging that they had signed up for it and were absolutely amazed at the speed. Doubting them, I jumped onto the NBN website, only to fined that yes, the NBN rollout had been completed in our area, but our property is less than 1km from where the NBN rollout stops (and is not planned for further expansion)! All that I can say is... NOT HAPPY!!!

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  1. I'm in the same boat. Lucky for me Optus have upgraded their 700mhz 4G+ in Gisborne and I am getting 56mb download speeds from my mobile device... If only they had 200GB plans for their wireless mobile network and I would use mobile! haha

    Can't wait to hear more on the expansion of the NBN rollout.