NUC or DLNA... what to do!?

Those that have been following the blog for a while will realise that I am going to have a very hefty home network running. One of the deliberations that I seem to get very varied opinions on relates to whether or not we get NUC devices (aka super small PC's) and attach them to the TV's in our Media and Rumpus rooms or whether we stick with DLNA (which streams audio/video to your TV).

(Credit:  Andrew Cunningham)

The only benefit of having a NUC is the ability to use a TV as a massive screen which would enable awesome visuals on gaming, although that would depend on the specs of the NUC that we bought.

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  1. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Nucs dont support the type of gfx card youd need to run games the way they should in such high res. Also input lag on those tvs is bad for any real gaming. 79ms on those LGs compared to the 3ms I get on myno name chinese desktop monitor. Dont chose nuc if gaming is the decider.

  2. Brenton DLNA is just a standard much like a protocol for streaming media.....Intel NUC is a piece of hardware (mini PC). You can install certain software such as Twonky that uses the DLNA protocol to stream media.

    Dont get confused over the 2.... :D But anon is can prob play old mame arcade games on an intel NUC..but nothing graphic intensive....for a movie player to stream movies from your NAS.....the NUC does fine.....I have one and its flawless,....havent skipped a beat or shutters......have not tried 4K.....if you are getting a 4K TV wait a while......Once I move in I will be getting a Samsung 65" 4K TV......and will let you know if it streams 4K content

    1. Thanks Phil... greatly appreciated as always!