Which Minion Are You?

At work the other day (as part of a Cultural Celebration event) I stumbled across a webpage that did an awesome job at explaining how to appreciate culture and that we all have differences. The article used minions, yes, minions, as an example of different cultures (and  different groups of people).

The article explain that the minions can be thought of as different cultures (or even different groups of people ). It then asked a question... Which minion are you?... and challenged your to find an image of a minion the represent a culture (e.g. Spanish, Muslim) or group of people (e.g. musician) that you know of.

One of the images that I thought of, due to playing the bagpipes, was Scottish culture...

I also reckon that this minion below describes me pretty well... what do you think?

Or this video (as the minion soccer referee... as part of being a soccer fan)...

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