Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

One of the things that I find interesting when I go to a display home is the way that the air-quality of the house is managed. As you would probably expect, display homes can often be packed with interested buyers. For example, when I went to the opening of the Berwick Waldorf I estimate that there were no less than 150 people in the place. All of those people breathing out carbon dioxide can make the place stuffy, therefore needing some careful thought about how to manage it.

Some display homes simply leave open as many doors as they can, which is the easiest way to cycle the air inside the house; although if you live in major city you are going to allow air pollution in (which I find disgusting). Also, if it's windy, cold or raining, the entire house becomes an igloo (which they try to counter by having the heater turned up to maximum).

Some display homes think that using large air-fresheners will do the job. Since when does smelly air improve air quality? I walked into a display home last year (on it's opening weekend) and was nearly overcome by the smell of lavender in the air and the stuffiness of the place. When I walked out the front door it was like someone had given me breathing apparatus.

Some display home use plants, and plenty of them. Not only are they used to clean the air, they are also used for a heap of other reasons. For more info, check out...


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