Evernote... Note Taking on Steriods

Recently I was asked how I keep track of all the notes, discussions, emails and other pieces of information connected to our build. The answer to the question... Evernote. Evernote is a free app (for phone, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.) that allows synced note taking. Syncing refers to the process of keeping data up to date on all devices, so that when a change is made on one device the information is updated on all the others. You can take a photo of an issue that you wish to discuss using your phone, type some notes underneath it and click sync and everything else is done for you.

To check out one of my notebooks, click on the Evernote share link below (which is how you share information with others)...

The other awesome feature that Evernote is the ability to group notes together into notebooks and share them. I share notes with PD, with our Building Inspector, with my family and others (as need be). Evernote is by far the most important piece of software that I have on my electronic devices!


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