First Piece of Artwork Acquired

Today... as per usual... my darling wife went to Melbourne for something completely unrelated to anything to do with a house but managed to buy something that has everything do with our house! Can you guess the location in the photo? Tilby has been there whereas I, the neglected husband, haven't! In regard to the size of the frame, I wasn't in attendance when it was bought and all that Tilby tells me is that we'll have to pick it up in a few weeks because it wouldn't fit in the Kia Rio. Now I'm worried!!!


  1. He he he. That pic would work equally well in ours!
    Perhaps Heli should conspire with Tilby! :-)

    1. Sadly, I think that our budgets would suffer dramatically if they conspired!

  2. Doc Freeman9:25 pm

    Wouldn't be Venice by chance??