Two Speakers... $220,000!

Every so often I check a couple of highly recommended online stores to see if they have any great package deals on Paradigm Monitor 11 or Studio 100 speakers (to go in our Media room). Interestingly, when I misspelled a word in my Google search, I came across a pair of floor standing speakers that cost a whopping $220,000 dollars... the Focal Utopia 3 Grande. I know that they must be absolutely incredible speakers but I am hoping that someone can tell me what is so special about them to justify the heft price tag. Check out the website link below for the exact specifications of the speakers...

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  1. Been doing some catch up reading then saw this - the beryllium tweeter, crossover components and cabinet damping all contribute to the high cost. I heard one of these IRL, pretty impressive but for the same price I can get a MBL 101E which IMO is a better speaker.