World of Style... Wow!

Today we decided to jump in the car and head down to the World of Style showroom at which PD customers make all of their colour, flooring and electrical selections. Apart from the interrogation that we got from the lady that greeted us at the front desk and the RSI that I got from continuously opening drawings, pulling out sliding displays and grabbing tiles out of racks, the entire showroom is incredible and certainly does an amazing job at helping you find the exact style for your house.

I was intrigued to find out that PD has broadened their variety of options and customisations that can be made to nearly all aspects of the selections process. Options such as wall cladding, ceiling fans, external heaters (e.g. HeatStrips), ceiling roses and fresh air exchangers were all non-existent at Hopetoun Interiors and if you asked about them you were told that "PD don't do these". Other items such as gas log fires could be done, but you needed to reference a display home model.

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  1. And the coffee isn't too bad either. . . its a good resource and open to anyone.

    I had a look a couple of weeks ago as its just round the corner from where I work