Pool Ideas... It's OK to Dream!

When I get fed up with thinking about the negative things about our house I change my mind to the one thing that will be an awesome addition to our house... a pool. So far I have not narrowed the choice of design down yet, I am more interested in looking and style and budget. If you have built an in-ground pool please leave a comment with some basic info on what your project entailed (e.g. company, size, features, excavations...) and a rough idea of cost.

Some of the designs that would go well with our house style are...

Compass Pools:   X-Trainer and Vogue Styles

Summertime Pools:   10m Corbee

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  1. Anonymous1:59 pm

    We recently built and put a Compass X-Trainer pool in (10.2m long), we added the Wader pool with it which gave us ladies somewhere to sit and cool off while the kids were playing in the pool, or really great for those little toddler guests to play in without everyone worrying about a sinking toddler.

    We did the whole Inground cleaning system, Gemini Pool controller, which automatically adjusts chlorine output and ph via an automatic acid feeder. It's awesome. I take my pool water once every 3 weeks or so to the pool shop for testing, and use strips at home and have rarely had to adjust anything. We also put in a water witch which tops up the pool automatically from our water tanks (or mains if tanks empty), ensuring the level of water is always at optimum height for pumps to run (never will we have a dry pump). All of this with the wader and the extra equipment etc was around $80k. This included Solar Heating and Tipping fees for excavation. They include the excavation but not the dirt removal, you need to find either a clean fill site with 6kms or a tip within 6kms that will take your dirt. We excavated 120m3 of dirt, but it looks like you have a really big block so not sure if you could use this dirt yourself for landscaping. This is the second Compass pool we've had, first one we put in and were in the house for 15 years (pool was 14years) and we've never had any issues with Compass. Due to this being our dream home and last major house we decided to go all in and make it the pool that is virtually maintenance free.

    We had to go fibreglass as we're in a clay soil area it's advised not to go concrete as there is not much flex in concrete like there is with fibreglass. But fibreglass is always much nicer on the feet and they look fantastic, no maintenance unlike concrete.

    Hope that helps.