Cars get OTA updates... wait a minute!?

When I was trolling through my regular list of technology and IT related websites I came across an interesting article that revealed that the acceleration of a car... the TeslaP85D... was going to be increased by a software update (akin to a Windows Update for your PC!). If you are as intrigued as I was when you first heard this outlandish statement, click on the web address below to go directly to the article.


  1. Hey TBH.....I've been eyeing off the Telsa since I saw it in person at Sydney Bondi Junction Shopping Centre. If you think of a electric RC car. It pretty much does the same can set the ESC for different kinds of driving modes. The Telsa is pretty much doing the same thing, with more sophistication... ;D Would be awesome once Tesla puts all charging stations all along the east coast..... I was also told that there are looking at battery swaps so you can pull up at a station somewhere, get your whole battery pack exhanged (approx the same time of filling up your car) and you can drive away full charged.......One thing to note....reading up on owners reviews, the claimed 400+km range is hardly achievable and its typically half that. So looks like if you are doing a 50km trip every day, you'll need to have it on charge nearly every night to be on the safe side.

    1. Thanks for the info Phil... looks like it's out of my options then. I frequently do 750 to 1000 km's per week!

  2. Crazy right. My understanding was the OTA update unlocked acceleration! haha... something like 0-60mph in 3 seconds.