Choosing a Canon DSLR Camera

One of my favorite things to do is to take photos of the places that I go. Unforunately, I keep having to borrow my father-in-law's Canon EOS 6D to take decent photos, and I reckon that it's about time that I bought my own. Canon has always been our camera of choice but I don't know which one to get because all of the numbers are so similar for the model numbers but the features are different. Click on the image below to go to a TechRadar article which help me to compare all of the different Canon cameras available.


  1. 5D MkIII. You wont regret it.

  2. Hey TBH, Filthyfil here

    5D MKIII has served me well, depends on what you do, majority of the pics on my Flickr page was shot on a MKIII
    Lens is where you'll spend most of your money. I've spent more on lens then my camera bodies....Lens u can keep forever, camera bodies are only good for 200000 shots.

    I've also got a Canon 7D which is a crop sensor camera, as opposed to MKIII which is a full frame camera.

    Basically means the picture on 7D is cropped where you'll see if full image on MKIII.

    Some claim image quality is better on full frame camera, but that's arguable

    There's a new 7D MKII coming out soon with lots of new improved features....maybe worth checking out......

    Picture quality is not only on the camera body....more importantly it is in the lens :D Let me know if you need any help picking a camera.

    Nikon's are also great cameras....but Nikon are kinda limited in the lens choices......

  3. It sounds like the 7D MKII is the way to go...