Rice Cooker... Breville BRC600

One of the things the really annoys me in life is poorly cooked rice. Therefore, a decent rice cooker will be an absolute essential item in our house. A suitable option seems to be the Breville Risotto & Rice Cooker BRC600.


  1. Anonymous12:04 am

    Hi Brenton, we have the Tefal multi Cooker - Cook 4 Me.

    It is more than a rice cooker, Absolutely love it, I make meals in it every night and the meals are so delicious. Time saver as well and has approx. 80 recipes built-in. It is a fryer, steamer, rice cooker and pressure cooker and more. Very safe to use. It has step by step instructions on the window on what to do as you go along. Very easy to use.

    Best appliance ever, also try the Phillips Air Fryer. Between both you are getting healthy meals.
    Really worth every cent.


  2. Thanks for the heads-up... I'll do some research!