Option for Small Alfresco Dining Set

Even though it will probably be six months until we are able to start having furniture delivered I don't see any harm in gathering ideas. The best options that I have found for an outdoor dining setting to put in the small alfresco is the Melia 7 Piece Outdoor Dining Setting.

Featuring a ceramic tile-top table and unique wrought iron-style detailing to the chairs, the Melia Outdoor Dining Setting provides a stylish look to any backyard.

Practical Design - Measuring 1620 x 1010mm, the rectangular table features a sturdy aluminium frame which comfortably seats up to 6 people. Easy to wipe down spills and low-maintenance, the ceramic tile-top is a particularly practical option for families and for those who regularly entertain guests.

Comfy Seats - The Melia Dining Setting comes with 4 matching sling chairs and 2 rockers so you can take your pick between which style is best suited to your comfort. Melia is also available as a 3-Piece, consisting of a table and 2 rocking chairs.


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