Handy Article - How to Choose Curtains?

Curtains are a classic and versatile choice for window coverings, but not every curtain or curtain style will suit every room or every person's needs.  The right curtains will make the room so you want to make sure you've made the right choices. As you start to think about the wide range of curtains on offer, asking yourself these questions will help you choose the best curtains to suit your décor and lifestyle.

What do you need the curtain to do?
Curtains are made with a variety of functions in mind and knowing how you'd like your curtain to perform will help to determine a lot of other curtain choices. Do you need to block out light during the day? Would you like the curtain to softly diffuse daylight? Do you need to cover the window for privacy? Is temperature control important? Are you looking to add a softening side to a window covering blind? Do you need to insulate against sound?  Are you looking to add a sense of visual height to a room? Heavy, insulating blockout curtains can be combined with a second, sheer fabric curtain to achieve many of these effects at once.

How would you like the curtain to complement your décor?
Are you looking for elegant lines? A cute or folksy charm? Luxurious opulence? A sharp and modern urban edge? Curtains can be used to subtly tie all of the decorating elements of a room together, or provide an exciting statement all on their own. In design, the important thing to remember is to complement your existing styles rather than adding a completely different design element even if you're looking to create a striking feature with your curtains.

Which colour is best?
Colour choice is determined not only by your existing décor but also the style of curtain you're choosing and the window you're working with. Lighter colours can add a sense of space while darker colours can create a closed feeling within a room. Curtains with lively patterns work well with a more minimal design scheme, while a busier décor style will benefit from a more subtle curtain. For a window with direct sun, brighter colours, particularly reds, tend to fade more noticeably. Choosing a heavier insulted fabric can lessen this effect over time. Neutral colours are less likely to fade and work easily with many styles.  Many people choose to rotate their curtains throughout the house to ensure even use and wearing, maximising the longevity of their investment. If this is something to consider, neutral colours and designs are a good idea as they are able to harmonise with any room.

Which fabric is best?
Your choice of fabric will have a lot to do with the curtain function. Heavy fabrics will reduce more light and retain better privacy, while light fabrics won't be good for blocking out light but can improve ventilation and also allow light into the room without losing your privacy or views. Heavier fabrics will fall more evenly along the length of the window, creating crisp and smooth lines. If you're looking to create a traditionally elegant puddled effect with your curtains hanging longer than floor level, the material still needs to be heavy enough to hang cleanly but light enough to pool gracefully on the floor.  A lighter fabric will lend itself well to a breezy casual look.

Which curtain accessories will you need?
It's often the smallest details that can bring the complete curtain look to its fullest effect. Kresta offers a huge range of accessories to complement your curtain colour and fabric including tie backs and sashes, pelmets and valances. Kresta can also help you choose from an impressive variety of rods, rings, and finials. The overall style of your drapes will influence your choice of accessories. Heavier curtains look great on heavier poles with bulky rings and lighter, breezy curtains work well with finer rods. A double curtain system will need a suitable combination of complementing rods. Contemporary style curtains will work well with a metallic pole and subtle finials to create a stunning effect, while a wooden pole with a scrolled or turned finial will help create a cosy cottage charm. The options are only really limited by your imagination!

To help fuel your inspiration, Kresta's design consultants can help you to answer these questions either in one of the many Kresta showrooms across Australia or within the comfort of your own home.
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