Gas Log Fireplace

If you have ever been to the Waldorf at Providence in Greenvale you would have seen this amazing sight...

We have asked PD to quote it in our Tender document however we have also "shopped around" to see what we can do it for after handover. Our research has found that we can have it installed for $11,000 as long as PD puts in the external firebox (which costs $1600). We shall wait and see what we find out at Tender before making our final decision.

The specifics of the setup are...
  • Jetmaster 6000 TRSI AU
  • Richmond Mantle
  • Granite Hearth


  1. Would love to know what they would charge. A salesman at the weekend told us it costs $20,000

    1. The final cost was $13748.

    2. How have your students been during the first week of school. I'm a Year 7 teacher and students have really had their mind blown away by the difference between Primary and Secondary school!