Some PCI Checklists

Having read that a few people building houses with PD are nearing PCI I thought that I'd share a guide written by tstr1a as well as point out the awesome PCI Checklist prepared by HomeOne contributor Bashworth (which is available at

Here are a couple of extremely important tips for those nearing the completion of their house.

- Ensure windows are level: Get a spirit level (buy one from Bunning’s) and check that all windows are level. Also measure the top and bottom of all windows to ensure that the measurements are the same. I checked mine pre-handover and they are all square, it will make your life much easier when fitting blinds. If it's out by a couple of mm/cm then it will show once blinds are installed.

- Ensure all door tops and painted: The painters will always leave this part unpainted and if moisture is absorbed the door will most likely warp, especially in wet areas.

- Painting: Viewing of the paint at different times of the day will show different defects that you would normally not notice. Visiting your house after work when the sunlight is diffused will hide most painting defect. I suggested going to your house at night and flash a torch from the bottom of the wall up to the ceiling and I bet you that all defect will be visible. My painter did an excellent job and I 'm really happy with my paint work.

- Plaster joints: Ensure that all plaster joints are smoothed out properly and that screws aren't popping out. Again flashing a torch at night will show all defects. I've noticed a couple of screws popping out which will need to be fixed as part of our 3 month maintenance program.

- Ensure floors are leveled: If you’re laying floorboards post handover your uneven floors will stick out like a sore thumb, plus you will feel the unevenness when you walk.

- Windows must be clean and scratch free.

- Ensure all walls are level. Use a spirit level to test the walls.

- Ensure all taps and pipes are not leaking. I suggest running taps until the sink/basin is full and watching how long it takes the water to drain. Do the same test with showers.

- Ensure all doors close properly and don’t jam, also check that all locks work. The lock on the power room doors doesn’t work and will need to be fixed at 3 months maintenance.

- Ensure tiles have no chips and no lips. I so happy with the tile work at my place, I gave the tiler a hard time and made him rip out couple of tiles which I wasn't happy with but the end result is fantastic.

- Ensure window open and close properly.

- Ensure all sliding doors roll properly.

- Ensure that all laminates and Caesar stone are scratch free.

- Ensure that range hoods are properly ventilated.

- Externally ensure that all water drains away from the house, if there is water pooling around the slab then inform your builder.

- Check that all lights and power points are working.


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